YOU need to take accountablility for YOURSELF

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Time for a bit of a crypto rant. More and more scams are appearing in altcoins that are released. With this more and more whining that exchanges and forums need to do something about this. It’s time for a reality check and if you’re one who thinks exchanges and or forums should police the new altcoins I’m going to warn you this may hurt a bit. So suck it up buttercup.

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Yesterday while browsing BitcoinTalk, a scam thread appeared in my updated posts. So just curious if someone might be trying to revive the coin or maybe by some magical miracle the developer all the sudden decided to reappear I checked it out. Lo and behold it’s a conversation about how those incharge of BitcoinTalk should put restrictions on the forum announcments for new altcoins to prevent newbie accounts from posting announcements.

Ready for this? Might need to brace yourself a bit here if you think “ohhhh great idea”.

No. No. No. No. No. and again NOOOOO

The only people needing to keep their eyes out and police anything in the announcement threads are the people throwing their BTC at all the new altcons. No one was holding a gun to your head making you buy/invest in the coin or rent rigs for the mining, or even throw money at the newbie dev for some ICO. Guess what? If you’re one of the people who is all “woe is me” because you got scammed it was ALL YOU. That’s right YOU spent money on the newbie dev. YOU who has your OWN two eyes that could see it was a newbie dev gave him/her your BTC WILLINGLY. So if you’re willing to give newbies in BitcoinTalk your money why in the world should BitcoinTalk hold your hand? Do they need to wipe your ass for you too?

And this also applies to exchanges. No the exchanges are not accountable because a coin they put up was a scam. Again news flash, you have your own free will. Bittrex never MADE you buy a coin they put up, they simply gave you the option, which you took. Key word here is YOU, if you bought the scam coin, that’s on you. There is no agreement you have with any exchange saying you have to buy every shitcoin that gets thrown up on an exchange.

Everyone seems to know what are red flags for a scam, there’s posts all over Twitter, there’s multiple theads on scams and what to look out for on BitcoinTalk and hell even CryptoGab has a blog post on it. So why if you’re aware of all the flags do you keep throwing your money at coins that throw off half the alarms?

And I’m sorry if you don’t agree with this, I’m sorry if you can’t take in to account your own actions and control what you do. Actually you know what? I’m not sorry, grow up and hold yourself accountable for what you do. If you’re too immature to do that then GTFO of crypto, it’s not a world you should be in if you plan to survive.

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