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We previously introduced you to WSX a few weeks ago and WeAreSatoshi keeps chugging ahead with progress. With the conversion period for WeAreSatoshi now closed the current supply of WSX has been brought down considerably from 36 million + POS to 22 million WSX plus POS. 14.3 million coins were unclaimed and the devs have burned the unclaimed WSX resulting in the supply drop.

London Close Trade Strategy with Vic Noble and Shirley Hudson

The WSX developers released a new roadmap on September 3rd.

WSX RoadMap -WeAreSatoshi

This new roadmap shows future plans for Encrypted Messaging, DarkSend+, In-Wallet Block Explorer, In-Wallet market and Merged Mining coming to WeAreSatoshi. The new MAC wallet has already been released, you can find it on the BitcoinTalk Forum Post.

Want to win some WSX?

WSX Contest and Giveaway

You can win some WSX by trading WSX on Cryptex. You can gain entries for each trade you make of WSX. Winners will be announced September 10th on the BitcoinTalk Forum WSX Post.

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