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After reading up today on WeAreSatoshi, one thing can be said, these guys have a plan. They aren’t promising you all the bells and whistles, no sir, they tell you straight up front they don’t have any shiny bells and whistles but what they do have is a vision to make a difference. This in itself sets WeAreSatoshi apart from most other coins that scream and jump to get your attention only to tell you “oh no bright and shiny is delayed” again and again only to go silent for longer periods of time and eventually just disappear leaving the coin to die a slow death.

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This isn’t supposed to be a pump and dump coin, or a get rich quick coin, it’s the coin that honors Satoshi by promoting a culture of giving and goodwill. – AmericanComputerNerd

WeAreSatoshi was created to help make a positive impact and the original developer made a priority to donate coins to charity and that is planned to continue. WeAreSatoshi is here to remind everyone that each one of us can make a difference and is centered around awareness and culture. Now WSX, WeAreSatoshi was originally WAS on exchanges. A revival has been done for WeAreSatoshi and now it has been relaunched.

There are 3 active and established members of BitcoinTalk.org currently developing this coin, brian_nquyen, AmericanComputerNerd, and MrData.  In reviving this coin they ask for the community’s input, letting anyone who wants to support the coin have a say in the direction it goes. All development is thought out and talked about among the leaders of the coin instead of behind the scenes. So investors of this coin get no hidden surprises with WSX. Any features or  bells and whistles that the community would like added to the coin can be discussed with the developers in the BitcoinTalk Thread.

If you have old WAS coins ( v1) you can convert these to WSX (v2) coins up until 8/31. The conversion will be for every 1000 v1 WAS you will get 1 v2.  The coins that remain unswapped will be destroyed. Directions on how to get v1 coins converted to v2 WSX can be found here.

WSX was relaunched on July 10th with a X11 algorithm and a hybrid POS/POW with a coin supply of 40 million WSX in addition to POS inflation. Block rewards for the POW is 25 WSX with halving occurring every 200,000 blocks and never dropping below 1 WSX per block. The POS is set for 5% interest for the first 3 months and then after that 1 % per month for the next year, followed up by 3% per year after that.

Development with the relaunch has been ongoing and so far they have completed getting a new logo and successfully launching v2 with the X11 algorithm on July 10th. WSX v2 Block Explorer (Primary and MultiFaucet.tk) and Richlist were also released on July 10th. MultiFaucet has also released a Faucet where you can receive 1 WSX every 12 hours. There are two Paper Wallet Generators you can find the links to those on the BitcoinTalk Post or on the Official Website for WSX.

There are also three games that have come out so far, MrData’s WSX Roulette, Hashy’s Coin Flip, and Hashy’s 10% Flip/ Ponzi. Game development remains ongoing for WSX as do promotional videos and giveaways. You can find giveaway details over at BitcoinTalk.org.

The Charity Initiative for WSX is still to be determined, but there is a  donation address available if you would like to contribute to setting aside some coins for the future once the charity is determined. Contribution address are available on the BitcoinTalk Announcement Thread.

And if you’ld like to get your trade on with WSX you can find it listed on C-Cex, AllCrypt, Cryptex, and RockyTrade. WSX is one of the nine coins debuted on the newly opened Cryptex exchange.

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