Vexcoin PreSale has Begun



Vexcoin is a pure PoS currency with the supply being distributed through ICO via C-Cex. PoS interest is 10 percent per year with 9.5 million Vexcoins at launch. Trust verification for VEX has been completed by CoinSource with a 5/7 rating given currently and a possible 6/7 rating after the ICO is complete followed by 7/7 after 1 month.

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Vexcoin’s presale has begun on C-Cex. A limited  amount of VEX will be available for 550 satoshi (2.5 million VEX) the remaining Vexcoin will be sold at 600 satoshi (7 million VEX). Per the announcement thread on BitcoinTalk C-Cex has agreed to put buy support at the initial ICO price once the ICO is complete. 25% of the BTC that is raised through the ICO will be put back into the market for buy support.

Vexcoin also would like to implement a multipool that pays out in VEX allowing the coin to grow. Details will be available in the BitcoinTalk Thread as they become available and closer to the release of the multipool.

As always you can keep up to date on the latest Vexcoin news and information by visiting the thread for VEX at BitcoinTalk or following Vexcoin on Twitter.

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