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MultiWallet Coin One Month In and Many More to Go


Multiwallet Coin

Multiwallet Coin is approaching it’s first month with the new Multiwallet Foundation after a community take over of the coin in August. The new team has put out some great innovations so far in just the Mutiwallet Coin Wallet alone, the new wallet features a built in block explorer and built in IRC chat functions that can link to the Multiwallet official IRC chat.

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Vexcoin PreSale has Begun



Vexcoin is a pure PoS currency with the supply being distributed through ICO via C-Cex. PoS interest is 10 percent per year with 9.5 million Vexcoins at launch. Trust verification for VEX has been completed by CoinSource with a 5/7 rating given currently and a possible 6/7 rating after the ICO is complete followed by 7/7 after 1 month.

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