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Like playing games? Like Bitcoin and Altcoins? Want to play games to earn altcoins? Why yes please and thankyou.

A new trend is starting to emerge with recent altcoins that are being released, and that is playing games to earn the coin, or Proof of Play as it is being called. Three coins this month are going to have games where you can mine the coins by playing their corresponding games. One coin is already released with the game still in development and two more are set to release this week.

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Crystal Coin

CyrstalCoin has already launched back on August 6th. It does have a traditional POW period that is 45 days long. Developers are going to release a mining game called Crystalite for CrystalCoin that is supposed to be released September 10th with an open beta starting September 3rd.

Crystalite is going to be based on Bejewled 3 with an objective to make chains of matching crystals by swapping them horizontally or vertically. There will be two versions of Crystalite: Crystalite WEB that will be a multiplayer game based on a betting system and Crystalite APP which will be a single player game were you can get Crystal Coins as you advance through levels.

You can check out the plans for CrystalCoin games on their PDF here, and if you would like to see more info on CrystalCoin you can check out their thread at

Skull Coin


SkullCoin is set to release on Saturday August 16th. Instead of having your standard POW (proof of work) period like most altcoins have SkullCoin is going to POQ or Proof of Quest. Miners will perform quests called Treasure Hunts instead of traditional mining with gpus, cpus, or asics. Through these Treasure Hunts SkullCoin will be distributed at a rate of 200,000 coins per week over a 2 year period with a total of 19.2 million SkullCoins by the end of the POQ period.

In addition to the POQ 10 million Skullcoins will be available through a PreSale if you prefer to get your coins that way instead of playing the game.

The SkullCoin game will be a browser based multiplayer game, so there will be nothing to download to play. The game will be hosted on Roblox servers with 5 – 10 players per server.

If you’ld like more details on SkullCoin you can check it out here at


Goldminer Coin

GoldMiner is going to be a proof of play coin where the coins will only be able to be obtained by mining through playing the GoldMiner game. There is one other way to get coins right at launch through the IPO offered. Rewards will be offered in the game as you level up. Total coins will be 40 million, 4 million of which are available through the IPO.

GoldMiner is scheduled to launch on August 16th. You can check out the details of the rewards per level and some previews of the game here at

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