New Coins Launching for August 15th

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New coins launched today, details from their announcement posts are listed here as well as links to their ANN Threads. Please be careful with all altcoins as any could be scams. This is in now way against any particular coin listed just a general word of caution.

London Close Trade Strategy with Vic Noble and Shirley Hudson

ASD Coin
Coin type Bitcoin (SHA256)
Halving 800000 blocks
Initial coins per block 40 coins
Target spacing 10 min
Target timespan 5 h
Coinbase maturity 10 blocks
Premine Less the 0.1%
Max coinbase 64000000 + 0 = 64000000 coins

Official ASD Coin Website

BitcoinTalk Forum Post



Ticker – BIG
36 coins per block
Halving: 147,000 blocks
10 minutes block targets
Block Maturity – 15
Transaction Confirmation – 6
10 million total coins
1% DEV Private PREMINE! – will be used for Promotion, Developing Tools Services and more

Official BigBullion Website

BitcoinTalk Forum Post



Symbol: CLSTR
Algorithm: SHA-256
ICO coins: 7,000,000
Block rewards:
• 1st block: 7,000,000 CLSTR (ICO coins)
• 2 – 13,000 blocks: 0 CLSTR (no mining reward during ICO)
• 13,001 – 1,000,000 blocks: 30 CLSTR
Confirmations for blocks to mature: 100
Re-target difficulty each block
Total CLSTR coins generated during pow: 36,610,000 CLSTR
Block time: 60 seconds
Transaction confirmations: 5

BitcoinTalk Forum Post


Double Eagle

Identifier: XDE.
Algorithm: X15 PoW and PoS.
PoW Coins: 100 XDE (20% free distribution – 80% mining phase [5 days]).
Target Time: 60 seconds.
Maximum Height: 8100 blocks.
RPC Port: 16100 || P2P Port: 16200

Block Rewards:
Block 1: free distribution coins.
Block 2 ~ 100: 0 XDE (to prevent instamine).
Block 101 ~ 8100: 0.01 XDE.

Mining Phase: 5 DAYS.

PoS Interest: 5%.
PoS starts once mining phase is over.

BitcoinTalk Forum Post


Nightmare ‘NM’
Algorithm – FRESH (Shavite, Simd, Echo, in 5 rounds of hashing)
Total Coins – ~7.14 Million NM
RPC PORT: 22789
60 second block time
11% POS Interest for the first 1 year then drops to 5.5%
1% developer premine and 1% premine for bounties
NightSend addresses start with a lowercase ‘n’
Nightmare addresses start with a capital ‘N’

Block 1 is 1% NM developer premine & 1% premine for bounties
Block 2-160 are 0 NM for fair start
Block 161-14000 are 500 NM (~10 days POW)
POS with 11% annual interest and then 5.5% annual interest after 1 year.

BitcoinTalk Forum Post

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