New AltCoin Releases for August 4th

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New coins launched today, details from their announcement posts are listed here as well as links to their ANN Threads. Please be careful with all altcoins as any could be scams. This is in now way against any particular coin listed just a general word of caution.

London Close Trade Strategy with Vic Noble and Shirley Hudson


Algo : X11
Max Supply : 3,000,000 pal
Premine : 4,5 % (4% for the associations ,0.5 % for the maintainability of the project )
Pow reward : block 1= premine , block 2-60 = 1 pal , block 61-5760 = 300 pal
Pow spec : 4 days with 1,863,000 pal
Pos spec : 2 % with a min age of 24 hours and 1,083,000 pal

Official Website

BitcoinTalk Forum Post

ShopX Coin

Algorithm: X13 POW/POS
Max POW SHOPX: 358,000 (this includes 258,000 for SHOP to SHOPX coin swap)
Max Coin Count: 500,000
POS Starts on Block 21000

15% POS Yearly Interest
Earn 15% Annual Interest on all coins staked during POS!
MinStakeAge: 1 hour
MaxStakeAge: Unlimited

Block 1 is 258,000 (SHOP to SHOPX swap)
Block 2-21000 are 5 SHOPX
POW Ends on Block 21000 (approx. ~14.5 days)

Official Website

ShopX Twitter

BitcoinTalk Forum Post

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