New AltCoin Releases for August 10th

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New coins launched today, details from their announcement posts are listed here as well as links to their ANN Threads. Please be careful with all altcoins as any could be scams. This is in now way against any particular coin listed just a general word of caution.

London Close Trade Strategy with Vic Noble and Shirley Hudson


Algorithm: X11
Total coins: 1,300
Proof of Stake Reward: 100%
Block Time: 60 seconds
Coin Maturity: 50 blocks
Min Coin Age: 12 hours
Coin Age Maturity: 30 days
Premine: 0.5%

Block Reward
0.21 CYX PoW: 6500 Blocks

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Ticker: QBK
algorithm: x13
POS/POBH – Proof of stake / Proof of baghold
5% PoS Interest, After 5 years drops to 2.5%
Maximum supply: 2.000.000 (2million) QIBUCK Coin
RPC Port: 49788
P2P Port: 49787

Premine 500,000 coins for ICO

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Algorithm: X14E POW +POS
Max POW solecoin: ~2.4 Million SOL //This is an approximation
POS starts: After block 3100
Block Times: 60 seconds
Block Reward: Block 1~100 are 100 SOL,Block 101~3100 are 800 SOL.
Annual Interest: 5%
Min Coin Age: 2 hours
Coin Maturity: 120 blocks
Coin Age Maturity: Unlimited

Official Website

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