MultiWallet Coin One Month In and Many More to Go


Multiwallet Coin

Multiwallet Coin is approaching it’s first month with the new Multiwallet Foundation after a community take over of the coin in August. The new team has put out some great innovations so far in just the Mutiwallet Coin Wallet alone, the new wallet features a built in block explorer and built in IRC chat functions that can link to the Multiwallet official IRC chat.

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Multiwallet Coin had a rocky start at the beginning of the takeover but the team pulled together and created a leadership group so that no one person has all the power or ability to cause disruption to the coin. Multiwallet does not have one lead developer and instead all decisions are based on agreements between all team members. This also aids in the ongoing longevity of the coin in case there is an occurrence that one team member is not able to continue work on the coin another can take over without any disruption to the currency and therefore leading to stability for investors. The team encourages all community members to be active in the development and planning of Multiwallet. A list of the Multiwallet Foundation members can be found in the BitcoinTalk Forum Thread.

Teams with equal power shared among all members plus the eagerness to work with the community is what puts Multiwallet Coin in a very small classification of coins within the crypto currency world at this time. Most coins are at the mercy of one developer and opinions of the investors go unheard, with Multiwallet Coin this is not so. When looking for coins that will last in the long run Multiwallet has the elements already in place to persevere.

POW has ended for MWC and is now in POS with 5% per year for staking your coins in the wallet, coins will start staking after 5 hours. Total number of coins is currently about 27.2 million. You are able to trade MWC on 3 exchanges: Bittrex, C-Cex, and Allcoin.


MultiWallet Development RoadMap


Roadmap has been release with the takeover and already the team is delivering on what was planned. In addition the the features that are in the works on the roadmap the team is also soon to release a multipool to further help Multiwallet Coin. You can also check out the progress with the Multiwallet Roadmap at the Official website and the BitcoinTalk Thread.

A logo contest is also soon to be under way and anyone is welcome to participate. The contest will run form Friday 9/19 to Friday 9/26. The reward will be announced at the start of the contest with further details available on the BitcoinTalk Thread. The community will get to decide the winner and 5 days to vote for the logo they like best.

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  1. […] Multiwallet has put out a great development updated letting investors know that coming this Sunday there is going to be a wallet update featuring a self developed anon solution for Multiwallet. The team has been working on the development of this feature since the take over of MWC in August. You can find more details about that in our previous article on MWC here. […]