MultiWallet Brings TitanBit and MultiShift to MWC

Multiwallet Coin

MultiWallet has been busy with releases in the last few days. On Saturday the MWC Team announced that MWC is now listed on Titanbit making it possible to buy and sell MWC with US dollars directly. The Titanbit listing is a huge step to giving MultiWallet Coin real world use.

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Following the Saturday announcement, the team released a unique anon for MultiWallet called MultiShift. MultiShift will use a different transaction address every time you send or receive a MWC transaction if you are using the feature.  This will make it very hard to track transactions to your personal address.

Also don’t forget as mentioned in the last MWC article, the MultiWallet Logo Contest is still taking in votes. You can vote for your favorite MWC logo here.

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