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LemurCoin Altcoin Cryptocurrency
A new cutie is in cryptotown. LemurCoin just is too adorable to pass up. With all the scams lately its a bit refreshing to see such a positive, upbeat and fun coin freshly launched. Coins aren’t supposed to be just to make you smile, but you got to admit all the pent up rage from all the scams melts away a little bit when you look at the LemurCoin.

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For a bit more detail on The King Lemur himself you can head on over to CryptoTycoons.com for a great interview with “His Developness King Coolian” and get all the juicy details on Mr. Hash and Little Perky.

LemurCoin Specs Altcoin Cryptocurrency

LemurCoin has already launched and is currently in POW. Several pools are available to point your X11 mining rig at it. There’s only a total of 100,000 coins, and as of writing this it was only in the 600s for blocks found, the first 500 blocks of LemurCoin were just 1 coin and now we’re in the 2 coins per block stage with a total of 50,000 blocks to mine. During the POW for Lemur Coins there is also going to be Lucky Rewards giving bonus LemurCoins.

LemurCoin Lucky Rewards - Altcoins - CryptoCurrency

The developers have some great stuff in store for King Coolians loyal worshipers. LemurCoin is set to have an android wallet coming out soon, and the devs also have plans for making an android game. (Gots to love games and crypto). A Perky Faucet is also in the works.

You can check out the BitcoinTalk announcement thread and get your chat on with King Coolian himself.

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