Korecoin to Release VOIP Alpha Version

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Today at 22:00 GMT Korecoin is slated to release their VOIP Alpah Version. This will include Anonymous Korecoin Address to Address chat and phone calls. Coming on October 1st Anonymous Korecoin to Korecoin Address video calls will be introduced in the Korecoin VOIP Beta. In addition to the video calls they will be expanding on the anonymous chat and phone calls to extend to traditional phone number to phone number instead of just Korecoin Addresses.

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The Kore address to address chat, phone calls and video calls are to be at no cost. The traditional phone number calls however have yet to have their costs determined. Keep up to date on the latest from the Korecoin developers over at BitcoinTalk or follow them on Twitter @NewKoreCoin.

Korecoin VOIP

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