Iceberg Coin Redux

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Iceberg Coin has been taken over and is now under RevivalCoinGroup management.

London Close Trade Strategy with Vic Noble and Shirley Hudson

New developments since the take over as taken from BitcoinTalk ANN Post:

July 30, 2014, 05:00:00 AM ❖ Now you can buy Microsoft products for ICB here 
July 26, 2014, 04:00:00 AM ❖ Icebergcoin change DEV !

Currently the following Bounties are still available:

Merchants and services: 500 ICB
Wallet android: 3000 ICB

Currently Plans for Iceberg Coin are (source):

 blocked downfall ICB price and fix price to certain value Done! We strengthened price at 450-500, can hold this and below if needed. 
- connect with dev and give they account if he abandoned ICB project or start new thread  Done! We start new thread and will register new site at next week!
- registered new ICB site and transfer all data In progress! Need community help!
- create independent blockexplorer, create new wallet with changes (if community will need this) In progress!
- promotion ICB to users, rise ICB price In progress! 
- vote in other exchanges (poloniex, mintpal) In progress! Need community help!
- other necessary procedures for avoiding ICB fails. 


For more information, plans, a look at the community involvement please see the new thread for Iceberg Coin at

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