Getting Real: What Unregulated Actually Means For You

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There’s been a rash of super drama in altcoin land the last couple days. People got a wake up call that Altcoin Land isn’t a field full of daises with unicorns shitting rainbows, it’s actually a harsh brutal landscaped with danger at every corner. ZOMGOSH IT’S LIKE THE REAL WORLD OOOHHHH NOOOOS.This made some upset, and others who have experienced life were not surprised at all.

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Crytpo currency is a field of unregulated mess. This is what people wanted. “Oh no I didn’t want people running off with my money” is what you are saying? Well hate to be a Debbie Downer, but yes, yes it is. With anything where there are no laws, no regulations, nothing in place for any protection, there will be an abundance of people to take advantage of that and advantage of you who thought everyone would be honest.

To top all this off there are those who want justice, they want these scammers to pay. Well again Debbie Downer here to tell you, not going to happen. If you took this into a court of law, literally your case would be this : Gullible vs Pretty Graphics and no ToA. News flash people, a pretty picture slapped up on a forum is not a law binding contract, it is not a Terms of Agreement. A judge would literally look at you and say: “So this guy posted a fancy picture and copied someone else’s software, put on a forum post (add to that a forum full of the same scams you’re setting yourself up for) that he would make all the fancy stuff and offered no contract, no business plan, no agreement… and you gave him your money. And now you’re wasting tax payers money wanting your money back? DISMISSED.”

Getting the picture? Unregulated means just that, there ARE NO REGULATIONS. You are not protected in any shape or form. Until you have a signed agreement or a terms of service agreement all you are doing is giving your money to a stranger free and clear and telling them to do what they will with it with no consequences whatsoever, be that if they choose to spend it on crack whores or go take a trip around the world. If you can’t handle that then you need to get out and go trade something that the governments already have butted their nose into, or just hold off on anything crypto related until they get here. Because they will, with so many people crying because they can’t keep themselves from forking over money to unknown people with pretty pictures, they will be here and probably sooner than later, governments just love stepping in and “taking care” of those who can’t help themselves.

So if you want this to stop, stop thinking everyone is a honest saint and start looking at what it actually is, everyone is out for themselves they are not concerned with you, your money, or your feelings. This is life itself, that’s how the real world is, sorry to rain on your parade. If this reality of how shit is is too much for you, get out of trading now go to a support group or something and you can hug each other and pretend you’re in your field of daises and with unicorns everywhere that have explosive rainbow diarrhea.

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