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LemurCoin – a new cuteness

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LemurCoin Altcoin Cryptocurrency
A new cutie is in cryptotown. LemurCoin just is too adorable to pass up. With all the scams lately its a bit refreshing to see such a positive, upbeat and fun coin freshly launched. Coins aren’t supposed to be just to make you smile, but you got to admit all the pent up rage from all the scams melts away a little bit when you look at the LemurCoin.

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Play Games and Earn Altcoins

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Lego Controller

photo courtesy of Marcel Grieder via Flikr

Like playing games? Like Bitcoin and Altcoins? Want to play games to earn altcoins? Why yes please and thankyou.

A new trend is starting to emerge with recent altcoins that are being released, and that is playing games to earn the coin, or Proof of Play as it is being called. Three coins this month are going to have games where you can mine the coins by playing their corresponding games. One coin is already released with the game still in development and two more are set to release this week.

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