Apollocoin – Decentralization, Security and Accessibility

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Apollocoin is a new coin on the block, just a few days old  and is based on three principles: Decentralization, Security and Accessibility. The developer is already reaching out to CryptoAsian for POD. Which is great meaning that Apollocoins developer is understanding in everyones scrutiny of all the new coins coming out amidst the scams.

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Apollocoin is going to utilize AuxPOW to allow merged mining giving miners the ability to min on multiple blockchains. This will allow greater returns and give Apollocoin enhanced network security. Merged mining has an ETA of two weeks.

Apollocoin is scrypt based, with 33 million coins total. Each block up to 100,000 has 100 Apollocoins with 30 second block targets after 100,000 blocks it halves.

Roadmap for Apollocoin is located on the BitcoinTalk.org Announcment. Set up for Apollocoin is the merged mining followed by Encrypted Messaging, then an Android Wallet and DarkSend+.

Apollocoin has already hit exchanges and you can get your trade on over at C-Cex.

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