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WeAreSatoshi added to LotWin Casino

WeAreSatoshi Logo

Lotwin Casino

WSX has been added to LotWin Casino. Here you can play Black Jack, Keno, Slots, Poker and many more games with your WeAreSatoshi coins. This is one of a few updates that have come out for WSX in the last couple of days.

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MultiWallet Brings TitanBit and MultiShift to MWC

Multiwallet Coin

MultiWallet has been busy with releases in the last few days. On Saturday the MWC Team announced that MWC is now listed on Titanbit making it possible to buy and sell MWC with US dollars directly. The Titanbit listing is a huge step to giving MultiWallet Coin real world use.

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Common Mistakes Altcoin Traders Make

No idea what I'm doing

Most people come into trading crypto currencies without any guidance and just jump in. BIG MISTAKE. This is why most fail, or at least continue to loose money hand over foot. You have to set guidelines for yourself to follow and stop being a sheep. Following the herd is going to get you nowhere other than lining the pockets of someone who thinks for themselves. Get ready for a long post because there are just too many mistakes made by beginners and even experienced traders each day.

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Altcoins, Poker, and Slots. Oh My

Altcoin Poker

Photo courtesy of Images Money via Flikr

Poker is starting to make an appearance in the Altcoin market. Pinkcoin came around with poker and now Nimbus is soon to follow with NimbusCoin poker in the works. Having this as a function coming with a coin gives a great use that can be used right now for altcoins, and gives reason for people to purchase more.

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Bitcoin: More Than Just Money a TEDx Talk

This talk from a TEDx event given Dug Campbell about Bitcoin.

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MultiWallet Coin One Month In and Many More to Go


Multiwallet Coin

Multiwallet Coin is approaching it’s first month with the new Multiwallet Foundation after a community take over of the coin in August. The new team has put out some great innovations so far in just the Mutiwallet Coin Wallet alone, the new wallet features a built in block explorer and built in IRC chat functions that can link to the Multiwallet official IRC chat.

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Vexcoin PreSale has Begun



Vexcoin is a pure PoS currency with the supply being distributed through ICO via C-Cex. PoS interest is 10 percent per year with 9.5 million Vexcoins at launch. Trust verification for VEX has been completed by CoinSource with a 5/7 rating given currently and a possible 6/7 rating after the ICO is complete followed by 7/7 after 1 month.

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Korecoin to Release VOIP Alpha Version

download (7)

Today at 22:00 GMT Korecoin is slated to release their VOIP Alpah Version. This will include Anonymous Korecoin Address to Address chat and phone calls. Coming on October 1st Anonymous Korecoin to Korecoin Address video calls will be introduced in the Korecoin VOIP Beta. In addition to the video calls they will be expanding on the anonymous chat and phone calls to extend to traditional phone number to phone number instead of just Korecoin Addresses.

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Pinkcoin and Sync Team Up


Yesterday it was announced that Sync and Pinkcoin have joined together for a partnership to use the Sync Foundations resources and extend those perks that Sync holders have to those investors holding Pinkcoin.

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